Paw in Hand’s mission is to help you be partners with your dog. It is important for us to have a good partnership with our human clients as well. By registering for our services, you agree to be open to suggestions given and to dedicating time and effort into the training and behaviour plan customized for your situation.

We look forward to working with you and your dog. Side by side and Paw in Hand.


  • Current rates are on our website.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Applicable taxes will be applied unless otherwise noted.
  • Package prices apply only when paid in full.


  • Payment is required in advance and in order to confirm booking.
  • Payment forms accepted include: Interac e-transfer, credit card, or cash.


  • Services are non-transferable between people or dogs.
  • No refunds are offered once payment is processed.
  • Credit may be put towards another service.
  • Administrative fee of $50 will be charged as follows:
    – Outstanding payment after 14 days.
    – Payment plan set up.
    – Other: Special circumstance refunds, etc.

Group Classes
See individual class description for dates and times.

Private Training
Bookings are typically about a week in advance.
Daytime spots are best availability, followed by evenings and Saturdays are highest in demand.
If you do not see a time that suits your schedule, please feel free to ask if we have any flexibility.

Services are not offered on Sundays or Statutory holidays.
Vacation time is blocked off in advance. See calendar. (Usually a week in February/March and two weeks in August/September)

Please understand that our cancellation policy is put in place to help us keep our high standards of service.

All Training Services

  • Refunds are not given for any services.
  • Credit may be considered on an individual basis.
  • Discontinuing a training program is done at your own discretion.
  • In the case of any cancellation on the part of Paw in Hand, we will attempt to contact all clients scheduled for the affected service. Payment will be refunded in full or session credit given.

Private Sessions

  • If you or your dog miss, cancel, or change your appointment, with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the session or your account will be debited a fee equal to the price of a single session.
  • Training packages are customized to each client’s unique training needs and are assigned an expiry date. Unless otherwise stated, services are to be used before expiry date as follows:
    – Packages of 3 expire 3 months after date of first session
    – Packages of 6 or more expire 6 months after date of first session

Group Classes

  • Make up classes are not available. Missed classes are forfeited. Our classes are kept small for optimum learning experience for both you and your dog.
  • If a dog is unable to attend due to illness or other reason, owners are encouraged to attend without your dog.
  • If a dog is registered for group class and is deemed not suitable for that situation, a credit will be considered for another training service.

A program will be customized for your specific situation with your dog. Results of a training and behaviour program will vary depending on a multitude of factors. Success is based in part on your commitment and ability to carry out the program.

We commit to providing excellence in service, personalized approach, and to continue advancing our education in our profession. We promise that services purchased will be given in a courteous, professional manner.

Behaviour can never be guaranteed and it is unethical for a trainer to imply such. What we do guarantee is adherence to a professional code of ethics.

If a situation arises where the trainer feels that the client is not following the training advice, the trainer can end the contract at their own discretion. A partial refund may be given for services remaining.

To ensure the safety of your dog and others, please ensure your dog meets the requirements below.
All behavioural changes and concerns must be fully disclosed at all times.
If you are unsure, please contact us before registering.

Group Class

  • Female dogs may not participate during their heat cycle or the period shortly before or after.
  • Dogs must be social and tolerant of dogs and people unless otherwise specified.
  • Dogs that are fearful, unfriendly or overly unruly may not be suitable for a class situation.
  • Dogs are to be on a leash at all times and are not to interact with one another unless instructed.
  • Only dogs enrolled in training are permitted in the training area.

Private Training

  • Dog requirements are considered on an individual basis for private training sessions.
  • Dogs that have a history of aggressive incidents inflicting multiple or serious bites to another dog, human or animal, may be referred to another professional. Contact us first.

Health and Vaccinations

  • Dogs are required to be current on vaccinations and protocols as required by your veterinarian. A copy of health certificate may be required.
  • Titer tests and a waiver of responsibility may be accepted in lieu of vaccinations if accompanied by a signed letter from a veterinarian.
  • Owners to notify Paw in Hand in advance if their dog is showing any signs of illness (vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, infection, etc.) Dog should be seen by a veterinarian and is not allowed in class until cleared.
  • Dogs that come to class with excessive odor, fleas, ticks or other parasites will be excused.


  • Collars to be well-fitted, secure, flat, quick release buckle, or martingale type.
  • Corrective training equipment such as choke, slip, prong, electric or shock collars are not permitted.
  • Harnesses are encouraged. Recommendations may be made on type and fitting.
  • Leashes to be leather, web or similar flat material. Length of 6 foot is recommended for most situations.
  • Retractable leads are not suitable for training situations.
  • Approval may be given for head halters, basket muzzles, or vibration collars (deaf dogs).
  • Identification tags including valid dog license and owner information are encouraged.
  • Only positive reinforcement, fear free, pain free, force free methods are to be used in all our training programs.
  • If instructors determine a handler is disruptive or inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove the handler from the program.
  • One handler is to be present per dog in each class.
  • Additional family members are welcome to attend.


  • Children under the age of 6 rarely do well in a class situation. We would be more than happy to arrange a private training session and involve them!
  • Children aged 6 – 15 may attend when accompanied by an additional adult that is not handling a dog.
  • Children must remain seated unless specifically asked to partake in a lesson.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times and for ensuring compliance with instructions.