Summer fun: Hot weather activities for you & your dog


When we took on the job of dog ownership we agreed to all that the job entailed (pun intended). We understand there are times when you are challenged and don’t have quite the time or energy to provide what your dog needs. That’s one of the reasons we refer to it as the hot dog days of summer. Thankfully we’ve put together a few fun, cooling ways to reconnect with your dog during the busy days of summer… enrichment to the rescue!

Mental Stimulation!

Teaching your dog something new stimulates their brain and tires them out – so in the nature of summer, we may as well choose a trick that you can teach from your beach blanket or towel on the grass! Teaching your dog to “Roll Over” is good for some light-hearted interactions. Shaping is usually the best way to train this trick- training should never be too serious anyhow! For more info on this technique, go to our ‘videos’ section on our Facebook page.

Seek and Fetch!

Teach your dog to find your keys! Or fetch the vanilla scented rope toy instead of the regular one. Play the shell game and ask your dog to indicate which upside down container has the treat in it! Or, for the ultimate party trick, teach them how to fetch the coldest beverage from the cooler…


Instead of feeding those 400 little pieces of kibble all at once in a bowl, try making meal time an activity for your dog! Scatter a few handfuls around your yard or deck. As a bonus hide a few in boxes too!

Wade and Wallow

Cooling down in a pool or body of water is always a great one for those extra hot days. Not all dogs are swimmers but many will wade if the water isn’t too deep or too cold. Try enticing them by adding some bobbing treats or toys!


Large, small, hanging, floating, on a stick, on a rope…  Sweet or savoury! Mix it up!
Sit beside with your own version of icy treat and simply enjoy each other’s company!

Digging Dinos

Dirty yes, but oh so cool! Damp, cool, rich earth to investigate. Let your dog snuffle, sniff, dig…and dig some more and then finally, they can spread out their bare tummy skin on. While this may not be an activity you may choose to mimic with your dog, you’ll enjoy the fun and relief it brings to them!

Walk About

Many of us like to go, go, go! We hike, run, and bike and often with our dogs alongside. This time of year for safety’s sake consider more leisurely strolls. Amble. Look. Listen. Stoop and Sniff! Both you AND your dog.

Crepuscular Rhythm

Dogs are crepuscular animals, meaning they are more active at dawn and dusk. Which means you can get them out earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings when it is cooler. Most dogs are happy to lay low in the middle part of the day, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about rushing them out and about.

We hope you’ll manage to try one, two or all of these activates throughout your summer months. It’s important to remember that although physical exercise is important for sure, do not overlook other forms of enrichment and mental stimulation. Check back regularly to look for a blog post on some more active games in the cooler autumn months…..