“Our new rescue dog is biting at the children, guarding food, growls when approached on the couch, lunges on leash at other dogs, runs off when called, jumps the fence and when left lone he tears down window coverings and chews at door frames. We can’t crate him because he will damage his teeth and defecate from anxiety.”

Yes, all these problems with one dog! Oh, Scooby dooby doo…

An adolescent rescue dog from India, Scooby had a tough beginning. His village dog genetics set him up to be a survivor…. Meaning best not to trust; rather to flee or use teeth as needed.

Scooby had escaped through a window from his previous home, ran panicked around the local grocery store parking lot and was finally corralled inside the grocery store.

After this incident Scooby’s owners at the time decided to give him up. Sadly, he had already been through a few homes in his short life. Guess who decided to adopt him? His rescuer from the grocery store! She saw the sweet, affectionate side of Scooby and was determined to make his next home be his forever home!

They needed help though! I met the family in their home for a consultation. We started on a customized and dynamic training plan to help Scooby adjust to his new world, keep him and the family safe, gradually develop trust and help him to learn manners and to respond to obedience cues. The ABC’s of positive training and behaviour modification. No force, no pain. The possibility of medication was discussed, but it ended up not being needed.

Fortunate for Scooby, this family had the love, patience, time and resources to provide and do what he needed. Success came fairly quickly. Learning is ever adapting so there is also a plan for maintenance and to prevent regression at busy times such as holidays or life transitions.

Not all cases this extreme work out so well. In the case of Scooby and his family, they are a great match and will live waggy ever after!