Set Your Puppy Up For Success With Training Methods That Work + Feel Good, Too!

What you and your pup will learn:

Your pup will learn foundation manners as well as important life skills like how to make dog friends, and impress neighbours, visitors, and other trail and park users.

  • Basic Skills – Sit, down, come, stay, walking nicely on leash.
  • Manners – Say please, no jumping, no biting, no chewing of things that don’t belong to you.
  • Problem Prevention – Where to potty (and where not to), sharing instead of guarding, not to bite when being handled.
  • Playtime – Pups play! Owners learn to interpret the subtleties of canine body language, when to let be and when and how to interrupt.

Puppies require a lot of attention and guidance. And they depend on you to be their best friend and advocate to teach them the skills they need.

Proper early socialization and training are your pup’s best chance at growing up to be an enjoyable lifetime companion.

It’s true that old dogs can learn new tricks, but the sooner you can teach your puppy basic skills and manners, the better chance you’ll have an adult dog you can take anywhere.

Older than 20 weeks of age?
See dog training options.

Puppy’s First Steps

Group Class
(6 week program)
$340 + gst

*for pups 16 weeks of age or under
6 sessions total

Group Classes are ongoing weekly with open enrolment which means you can start anytime! (No classes in summer and Christmas holidays)
Book your included home visit as soon as you get your puppy and save your spot in class!

What: Home visit included and 5 consecutive weekly group classes

When: Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Rotating curriculum with open enrollment means that you can usually join within a week or two of registering.

Where: Cranberry Hall 6828 Cranberry St.

Prerequisites: Pups can start as young as 9 weeks of age. No older than 16 weeks of age at start of class. Calculate your puppy’s age here.

Details: Instructions on preparing for class plus handouts will be emailed to you once registration is complete. Vaccines for distemper and parvovirus to be current with no signs of illness (Proof required).

Private Lessons
(4 week program)
$380 + gst

*for pups 20 weeks of age or under
4 sessions total

Private training sessions can have all the benefits of group class…and more! In fact, there’s no need to work on sit if your pup is already a crackerjack at it, and can progress to higher learning!

And it’s the best way to include your whole family! We love working with children too!

What: 1 home visit + 3x one-hour weekly private sessions.

When: Weekly sessions to be booked in advance and used within 4 – 6 weeks or before age of 20 weeks.

Where: Your home, your office, your cul-de-sac, wherever the lessons can be applied to your pup and your individual needs.

Prerequisites: Age 9 – 20 weeks. Calculate your puppy’s age here.

Details: Handouts and bonus resources will be provided.

Bonus: Support is available anytime you need it by phone, text and email!

Very Important Puppy - First Year VIP
$580 + gst

6 more sessions to get you through to pup’s first birthday

We hope to continue being at your side as joyful puppyhood turns into the jangly juvenile stage and then the testing troublesome teens!

Package price available when purchased with other puppy service or before graduation

**SAVE $100 when you book this package over single sessions**

Puppy Day Training

Puppy Day Training is as easy as 1-2-3!

Do you have a life schedule that doesn’t leave much room for training, or doing your socialization homework, but still want the best start for your puppy? We can do the work for you!
You’re already juggling too many things—work, commute, kids, errands, a never-ending to-do list... and you’re looking forward to an adult dog who can be part of the family. But downtime is precious.

(Intensive 5 week program)
$890 + GST

11 sessions total - including initial consultation


We start with a home visit. This is where we meet you and your puppy, we review your concerns, set goals and outline a training strategy.


We train your pup twice a week, working in your home and taking her around town to build her life skills early. She’ll even play with other pups to learn proper social skills. You can simply go about whatever is on your plate—you don’t even have to be there.


We transfer your puppy’s learning to you. Each week we meet with you and your puppy. We teach her to follow her new rules with you, answer any questions you have and address any new puppy issues that may arise.

What your puppy learns: Same as Puppy’s First Steps, but specific to your lifestyle and your puppy’s needs.


  • Home visit
  • Twice weekly sessions where the trainer works one-on-one with your pup (6 total)
  • Once weekly transfer session where the trainer coaches you and your pup together (3 total)
  • One follow-up home check

**SAVE $395 when you book this program over single sessions**

*Sessions to be used up within 6 weeks of start date


Our puppy programs include an Operation Socialization Puppy Passport. A guide to raising a friendly, adaptable, and easy-to-train family dog. You also get a list of local businesses that welcome your puppy for socialization outings, a shopping list, and more!

Puppy Passport Operation Socialization

Socialization Safety Guidelines

But … you heard that you shouldn’t take your puppy out in public until she had all her shots!?!

All things in life carry some risk, and early socialization is no exception. We abide by industry standards to greatly reduce any health or behavioural risks to your puppy.

See AVSAB position statement on puppy socialization.