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Whether a new to you dog, new pup, rescue, general manners training, chasing, biting, fear, anxiety, barking, aggression, or any other behaviour that is wreaking havoc with your life… we can help!

Not sure which offering to choose? Start with a consultation or contact us.

$150 + gst (1 ½-2 hrs)

We meet you and your dog, review your concerns, gather a history, make observations, give an assessment of your dog’s behaviour, identify realistic short and long term goals and leave you with some initial recommendations to support the findings.
For your specific situation we give an overview of how training and behaviour change will be addressed, estimate the number of sessions to begin seeing behaviour change and suggest a custom training package.


  • Summary
  • Handouts and Resources
  • Follow-up phone call or email contact

When: Scheduled at your convenience.
Where: In your home or at a location that applies.

Private Training

Customized to you, your dog, your situation
$90 + gst each session

Average 3 - 6 sessions

At the initial consultation we suggest a training package customized to your situation with your dog.

The methods and techniques used are the ones that in our experience are easiest and most effective in your situation. Progress is monitored, re-evaluated and modified if needed as there is no one way to change behaviour.

Your custom package may include one or a combination of the following:

* Coaching sessions where we coach you to train your dog.
* Training sessions where we work with your dog to a level where you can be coached to take over.
* Private training walks to help you get through the week

Once you’re on track you can continue to work on your own and check in as needed or continue with further sessions to train for reliability in even more situations.

When: Usually weekly to start and then spaced out as needed.

Where: Your home, office, neighbourhood, or wherever meets you and your dog’s training needs.

Who: You, your family and friends, or other “helper” humans or dogs that we need to recruit.

New To You Rescue
Congratulations! You’ve found each other!
$360 + gst

4 sessions total


Initial Consultation Included

Have us alongside in the early weeks of your life together to help ensure that the honeymoon period ends happily ever after.

We’ve been there with our own rescue dogs and we’ve been along for the journey from rescue dog to dream dog with many clients. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, of all temperaments, from all sorts of backgrounds, from different parts of the country and from different countries too!

Covers problem prevention and what do do with the problems that are starting to show up! Obedience skills, life skills and manners. And maybe a little bit of human training as well!


  • Initial Consultation (1 ½ hour)
  • 2 Weekly training sessions
  • 1 Follow up session to be used up within 6 weeks from start

When: Start anytime. Scheduled at your convenience.

Where: Your home, office, neighbourhood, or wherever meets you and your dog’s training needs.

**SAVE $60 when you book this program over single sessions**

*Package price available only within 1 month of the adoption date.

Basic Manners + Obedience
(Once weekly sessions x 4 weeks)
$290 + gst

4 sessions total


Initial Consultation Included

Desperate for some quick results that stick? Dog knows “sit” but only for half a second? Only comes at the sound of the cookie bag? One or all of these sound frustratingly familiar? Jumping up. Leash pulling. Door dashing. Counter surfing. Ignoring your calls.

You’ll learn how to reward without bribing, what to do when your dog doesn’t listen, how to get focus and keep it and how to deal with distractions.

Our foundation training program builds a solid foundation of good manners as well as basic obedience skills like sit, down, stay and come.

A basic curriculum will be followed, however topics can be personalized to your dog and your lifestyle.


  • Initial Consultation (1 ½ hour)
  • 3 Weekly consecutive sessions (1 hour)

When: Start anytime. Scheduled at your convenience.

Where: Your home, office, neighbourhood, or wherever meets you and your dog’s training needs.

Note: Any behaviour issues will require a separate plan.

(Intensive 4 week Program)
$890 + gst

11 sessions total


Initial Consultation Included

Busy? Let us do the training for you. Training takes time, repetition, and patience, and can be more effective with a consistent training schedule and handler. We create a positive training plan to meet your goals and work with your dog two times per week—you don’t have to be there (though you’re welcome to watch!).

At the end of each week we meet for a transfer session so your dog can show off her new skills. And the program wraps up with one follow-up session to ensure your dog’s new training sticks.


  • Initial consultation (1 ½ hour)
  • Twice weekly sessions where the trainer works one-on-one with your dog (6 total)
  • Once weekly transfer sessions where the trainer coaches you and your pup together (3 total)
  • One follow-up session with you and your dog

When: Start anytime. Scheduled at your convenience.

Where: Your home, office, neighbourhood, or wherever meets you and your dog’s training needs.

**SAVE $160 when you book this program over single sessions**

For clients already enrolled in one of our programs
$45 to $75 + gst

depending on your specific situation

If you struggle to fit in your training homework or that extra walk per week your dog needs, book him in for some special tutoring! We’ll take him out and work on the skill of your request, exercise and more!

Your furry friend might benefit from some extra practice, some dogs take a bit longer to learn new skills. And you know what they say about practice … only perfect practice makes perfect 🙂

When: Monday to Friday between 10am – 4pm.

For clients already enrolled in one of our training programs.

Group Training

Informal group coaching sessions held out and about in the community.
$40 + gst

Hitting the trails as a group offers an opportunity for training scenarios with just the right amount of distraction.
It’s also a great chance to foster supportive relationships with other dog owners, maintain your dog’s socialization, and help one another to succeed!
Each outing will focus on a different topic. We will work on greetings (or avoiding greetings) with dogs and people, leash walking, reliable recalls, advanced level stay, focus, impulse control, tricks and more….
If you’ve trained with us before and are ready for a loosely structured group setting with plenty of individual attention, you are welcome to join.

Group size is limited to 4 dog/handler teams.

When: 2 – 3 x month year-round.
Spring and Summer: Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Fall and Winter: Saturdays 10:00am – 11:00am
*See schedule for dates.

Where: Locations rotate around the community with advanced notice.

Registration is open to clients who have worked with us before and are able to work with their dog independently in a loosely structured group setting. If you are unsure or have any questions contact us.

Human and dog friendly methods. Science, psychology and common sense.

Because let’s be honest…I coach you and train your dog!

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