Dog Toys Ideas

Dog Toy Ideas

Dog Toys Ideas

No one type of toy is indestructible or safe for all dogs. Each individual dog’s chewing style and play preferences must be considered. What one dog shreds in minutes can last another dog a lifetime. Size of toy must be large enough so there is no risk of getting lodged in your dog’s throat. Consider your own dog’s chewing habit to minimize risks, including dental issues, ingestion, etc. Toys must be discarded as soon as pieces start coming off. Rotating your dog’s toys weekly can help keep their interest. Some dogs may need to be taught how to play with toys at first but once taught, you can enjoy years of fun together!
Caution: Know your dog’s chew style. Always check with your vet if unsure.

Alone Busy Toys

These toys may or may not be safe to leave your dog with unsupervised.

  • Kong brand toys. Try different stuffing recipes. Even frozen pupsicles! Buy two so one can be in the freezer ready when you need one!
  • Nylabone type toys. Choose the right size for your dog
  • Antlers (deer, elk, etc.) – expensive but long lasting
  • Rope, knotted, floss toys
  • Popular tough toys: Everlasting, Orbee, Goughnuts, etc.

Supervised Toys

Inspect toys regularly and discard when damaged or if pieces get chewed off.

  • Food dispensing toys: Kong Wobbler, Squirrel Dude, etc.
  • Puzzle toys (Start with easy ones and work up to genius level!)
  • Stuff a rubbery honeycomb Hollee Roller with smaller toys
  • Chews – depending on your dog’s chewing style! Bully Sticks, tendons, Himalayan chews
  • Raw knuckle bones (Never cooked!)
  • Squeakies – Durable or combination ones available
  • Stuffies – Durable ones, some dogs may “eviscerate plush toys”
  • Large balls – soccer ball, Jolly Ball, etc.
  • Be creative! Homemade or makeshift toys can be used if proper precautions are taken. Cardboard box, towels, magazines, tubes, ball in a sock, empty water bottles.

Interactive Toys

Play with your dog and always leave him wanting more. Then put the toys away until next time and he will always be ready to train and play when you are! Playing with two identical toys can be a good strategy for some dogs.

  • Frisbee – dog safe plastic or soft ones (Chewber, etc.)
  • Tug toys – braided fleece, bungee, sheepskin, etc. (Skineez, etc.)
  • Balls, with or without tug rope (Planet Dog, Orbee, Kong, etc.)
  • Lure type toys (ie: Tug-n Pull, Flirt pole, squirrel on a string.)

New products are continuously being developed. Check with your local pet supply stores. Consider the reputation of the company or where the toy is manufactured or sourced from.