Choosing the right leash for you


It’s an age old question: what type of leash should I use? A dog trainer’s answer is often “It depends…” While there are a few key components to look for, here are my top suggestions before purchasing either your first leash or your next leash.


Six-foot is a good length for your everyday leash. You can always gather it shorter.


Choose one that is strong enough for the weight of your dog yet light enough to handle with ease.


Because you’re going to be holding it the most, choose a material that is soft on your hands. Whether that is leather, cotton, hemp, inner tube, etc. You can choose what feels best for you – everyone is different!

Things to consider

  • Bungee action leashes may be a good option for shock absorbing
  • Euro or double ended leashes have different configurations
  • Waist leashes are good for hands free walking
  • A basic 15 – 20 foot long webbed longline can be useful for giving your dog a few extra feet of exploring and sometimes less pulling
  • Reflective leashes are effective to be seen on nighttime walks
  • Retractable leashes are best saved for special circumstances only.
  • Colour? This you get to choose – let it show yours and your dogs personality!
  • Last but not least, we recommend that leashes be attached to well fitted harnesses, especially if a long line is used.