I have a dog who became dog aggressive after being attacked more than once at a young age by other dogs. Knowing nothing about training a dog, I unknowingly made his fear worse. When it got so bad I was ducking around corners to avoid other dogs and hitting the trails when I knew NO ONE would be around, I sought out a trainer. I tried several dog trainers in town who’s methods didn’t sit right with me. They used fear-based techniques and encouraged me to dominate my dog. I never felt good about it — pinning a dog, cracking it’s collar and poking it in the side just don’t work. It wasn’t until I met Maren and consistently used her techniques that I experienced real and lasting change. It’s still not perfect, but my dog has made many doggie friends and I don’t run and hide when I see other dogs and their owners. I know what my dog’s triggers are and Maren taught me to set both of us up for success and we’re both much happier for it!

Amy with Bentley

Amy with Bentley

You have been a constant source of knowledge and support for us since Henry was a small pup.
Your approach of “not every shoe fits” was and is perfect, for me anyways. Different ideas to try until we found what works, rather than forcing a technique that isn’t understood or applied appropriately, as no two dogs are ever alike, and being consistent after we find what works has been paramount.
I think one ah-ha moment for me was when we were in puppy class and you showed me that I needed to be more “relevant” than what was going on around him. Once we were operating at his speed, he responded a hundred times better and could demonstrate the skills he had, rather than being the “Marley” of the class ?!

Nichole with Henry


A HUGE THANK YOU to the one and only Maren Bruun. You are an amazing dog whisperer and have taught Jaxx and I SO MUCH! Anyone in need of help training their dog, Maren is your gal. She answered teary calls, texts and emails when I thought having a puppy was the perhaps the worst decision I had made – of course it turned out that I couldn’t imagine my life without Jaxx now! But at the time I was overwhelmed and Maren always made everything ok. Thank you for turning my cool dog into an awesome dog Maren! You are truly THE BEST!

Nicole with Jaxx


Maren provided our family with excellent ideas for training our puppy using positive reinforcement. She included my kids in the process and provided them with tools which is essential to keep training on the right track. Her puppy class provided a forum for socialization and teaching good puppy manners. Maren has a genuine interest in helping dogs and owners and clearly loves dogs. She is a knowledgeable trainer who provides hands on strategies and guidance and follows up with written handouts as needed.

Janna and James and family with Rio

Janna and James and family with Rio

As a first time dog owner family, Puppy Home School program gave our family the tools and encouragement we needed to become confident dog owners.” There was so much we did not know about training a puppy, and Maren was patient and supportive and got us to where we are now able to take our puppy out and enjoy the experiences every time!

Jodi and Jason and family with Charlie


Maren is everything and more than you could hope for when looking for a dog trainer!
My life with Shackleton is full of so much more joy and adventure as a result of her guidance and expertise!
Thank you, Maren!

Sunniva with Shackleton

Sunniva with Shackleton

Maren was great working with both myself and giving us realistic ways for my toddlers to participate in training our new pup. She was great at helping us problem solve and the training was super helpful.

Julie and family with Koa


Finn and I just finished 5 puppy classes with Maren and also 2 home sessions…always very helpful and have worked with Maren since 1997 with our first Leonberger Dakota and our second Maggie. Trust her completely and she is a knowledgable, kind and helpful 100% animal person who truly understands positive reward training and understands how animals think and why they behave certain ways. Personally, I have found that I am learning along with each dog that we have the pleasure of having in our family…. that we work together as a team. We have so much to learn from them as well, but it is important to be a good leader, a positive loving, firm but kind partner with our dogs. I will continue to work with Maren when I need a review session or help with some training or general advice.

Lois with Finlay


Oh! And I wanted to tell you – I walked the boys through the village the other night, and I witnessed one of the coolest things in Echo. We were approaching the playground, and there were some very rowdy kids generally having fun – screeching and banging on the metal – and I watched his little mind and body go through a choice – he started to tense up and pull on the leash, but then he stepped back (I was eagerly waiting for the check-in, which didn’t happen… yet) so he puffed up again and went to step forward, but then kind of relaxed and turned around to check-in! I was ready with a jack-pot of clicker and treats and he KNEW he had made the right choice. The look on his face said it all. It was the coolest!
So thanks for that 🙂

Angela with Echo and Hudson


We all had a great time at the puppy training sessions where Sage got to experience all sorts of items that we don’t have at home, learn some good manners and commands, and, of course, play with other puppies! Maren understood all the different puppies in the classes and tailored activities for each of them so that all puppies and owners were comfortable. We really appreciated Maren’s positive reinforcement training for all dogs and encourage all dog owners to work with Paw in Hand!

Ashley with Sage


Thank you for everything. It was a really helpful and pleasurable experience meeting you. Our private session was extra helpful and Rose (4 yr old daughter) has been amazing ever since. We have just about got Bruce to enjoy tug by dropping his toy and Rose is absolutely not taking toys or using two hands. A couple of simple things that she was really able to adopt as it was given in a non judgmental way. We will take advantage of a private session in the future for sure!

Sean and Siobhan with Bruce


Maren has helped us through a tough time with one of our dogs and is a big part of the reason we did not end up rehoming him. She helped me get the confidence back that I needed to get him through it. I’m a busy working mom and Maren was always flexible with setting up and rescheduling appointments. Couldn’t be happier!

Kristy and family with Rocky (and Tyson too)


Paw In Hand has been outstanding in working with our family and beloved slightly nervous dog. We have learned to have our dog turn to us when shes nervous instead of reacting. Maren and her team sincerely love to ensure dogs and people have a great lives together.

Marion and Don and family with Maple


Maren at Paw in Hand really helped me and my dog communicate on a better level. I highly suggest her services to anyone seeking training of any breed, size or age of dog.

Ashley with Lola

Ashley with Lola

Maren is the only trainer in Squamish that I trust to work with my dog. I have a very energetic, but sensitive Labrador. He needed a method that was tailored to his personality. Someone who had a gentle, clear approach with positive methods. Maren worked with us when we adopted Wedge two years ago, and again after our tiny human was born to help him adjust to his new living companion. He still has his impulsive moments, but we have seen massive improvement in him since his training. I have even been told by family that they have noticed a difference in his behaviour since working with Maren. I recommend her to everybody.

Aliesha, Andrew and Marwin with Wedge


Maren is fantastic! Our first week with our new puppy was overwhelming and exhausting, but after the initial visit with Maren we knew that we had hope. Her obvious love for and knowledge of dogs is a gift and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experiences in Puppy Home School. As Bodie went through adolescence we continued to use Paw In Hand’s services and are so grateful for the amazing dog we now have – he is well socialized, well-mannered, and a ton of fun, and we feel confident in the knowledge given to us about how best to support & teach him. This has been the best investment we could have made in our pup and family.

Allyson and Dustin with Bodie


Maren is very thorough and informative. We needed to get on track with getting our fearful adopted mexican dog to be less agitated and aggressive when meeting new dogs. Maren’s coaching has given us positive and gentle strategies to get her focus re-oriented and to defer to us first instead of charging at new encounters.
She now settles quicker when under stress enabling her make some new dog friends and well as human friends.

Lavera and Ron with Freddie


Highly recommend Paw in Hand! I have been using Maren for training for the past 3 weeks. She gave me the proper hands on training that my dog and I needed. With these tools and her guidance, I now have a better understanding of how I can help my dog. Maren, you are worth every penny! I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience(with me). I feel more confident and have a better relationship with my dog already.

Randi with Brea


Maren is an excellent dog trainer, who gets amazing results with positive reinforcement strategies and techniques. I always recommend Maren to anyone asking for a reference! Both my partner and I feel our dog significantly benefited from the training, and so do we.

Crosby, Rose Anne and Timo with Suzie


Then: She was reactive to dogs … as soon as she saw them. Just barking, not super aggressive but it’s a worry.
Now: Thanks again for all of your help. You ‘ve really reduced my anxiety around this and made me confident that Rosie will continue to be the dream we have felt she was from the start.

Alana with Rosie


Thanks so much for teaching us new, positive ways to interact with Stella, She is such a smart dog and learns so easily that it is really useful for ME to learn new ways of promoting behaviours from her!

Jessica with Stella


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