This isn’t just my business, it’s my passion.

BC SPCA AnimalKind Accreditation

AnimalKind accreditation requires adherence to a strict set of standards, using only reward-based, humane training methods that are effective and dog friendly. Trainers, audited by the SPCA, follow a strict set of science-based standards and are committed to using only humane and effective training methods that will never hurt your dog.


Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® (CCPDT®)

CCPDT is the leading independent certifying organization for the dog training profession.

Independent validation of knowledge and skills is important as dog training is a science, but the industry is (as yet) unregulated with no licensing requirements or regulatory oversight.

Both certifications require a minimum of 300 hours of experience and references from a veterinarian, client, and colleague.

Continuing education on the science and techniques of the profession is required to keep certification current.


CBCC-KA® certification is for advanced dog trainers who offer canine behavior modification. This indicates they have passed a comprehensive exam and have at least 300 hours of dog behavior consulting experience in canine behavior consulting on fear, phobias, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, and aggression.


CPDT-KA® indicates that a dog trainer has passed a psychometrically sound examination that measures a broad range of knowledge and skills in canine ethology, learning theory, animal husbandry, dog training, instructing techniques, and more.

Fear Free Certified® Professional

Fear Free Certified Professionals are a cut above the rest when it comes to caring for your best friend. Having completed 9 hours of veterinary education with stringent testing and annual continued education requirements, our Fear Free Certified Professionals not only look out for your pets’ physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. Whether you are looking for a veterinary or pet services professional who knows how to handle a fearful, anxious, or stressed out pet, or you simply want the best care possible for your four-legged friend, a Fear Free Certified Professional is here to help.


We are members of the following organizations so that you can be assured of professional excellence, ethical conduct and transparency about the training methods we use.

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants logo

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants

The Pet Professional Guild logo

The Pet Professional Guild


  • Powell River – Business Licence
  • PROfur – Insurance for Canadian Pet Care Professionals
  • Dog*Biz – Professional Affiliate

Professional Development

Maren is dedicated to pursuing educational and training opportunities to stay abreast of innovations in dog training and behaviour and in turn to help her human and canine clients succeed.


  • Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program
  • IAABC Lemonade Conference
  • Clicker Expo – Seattle, WA
  • Aggression in Dogs Master Course – Michael Shikashio


  • Animal Behaviour Consulting: Principles and Practice – IAABC
  • A-Z Aggression Cases – Michael Shikashio
  • Practical Puppy Training Workshop – Chirag Patel
  • AnimalKind Accreditation – BC SPCA


  • BCSPCA Animal Behaviour Science Symposium
  • PPG Training and Behaviour Workshop – Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Utah – April 22 – 28
  • Fear Threshold: How to use it to help dogs overcome fears – Tracy Krulik CTC, CSAT


  • Fear Free and Clinical Animal Behavior – Dr. Kenneth Martin
  • Reducing Reactivity, Fear & Anxiety in Dogs – Dr. Kenneth Martin
  • Problem Puppies in Puppy Kindergarten – Teoti Anderson
  • But My Dog Isn’t Food Motivated – Kathy Sdao
  • Changing Perspectives about Canine Spay and Neuter – Dr. Nancy Kay
  • Separation Anxiety Mission Possible – Malena DeMartini


  • Building Resilience in Dogs – Dr. Patricia McConnell
  • The Approach and Flow of Behavior Case Management – Niki Tudge
  • Training Mechanics to Help Develop Impulse Control – Jolein VanWeparen


  • ABA – Living and Learning with Animals – Dr. Susan Friedman
  • Dog-Dog Interactions – Susanne Clothier


  • Making the Impossible – Possible! – Ken Ramirez
  • Observation Skills, Arousal – Suzanne Clothier


  • The RCT Approach to Reactive Dogs – Suzanne Clothier
  • Understanding and Preventing Canine Aggression – Julie Shaw
  • Introduction to K9 Nose Work (R) – Ron Galt
  • Karen Pryor Clicker Expo – Portland, Oregon


  • APDT Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers Conference
  • Dogs and Storks – Family Paws Parent Education – Presenter Course
  • The Dog and Baby Connection – Family Paws Parent Education – Presenter Course
  • Coaching People to Train Their Dogs – Legacy Canine, Terry Ryan
  • Creative Client Coaching & Helping Fearful Dogs – Nicole Wilde
  • So many choices – Kathy Sdao
  • One On One Instructor Training Course – Pia Silvani

1990 – 2009

  • Numerous Agility Training workshops (from Robert Harlow in 1990 – Susan Garrett in 2009)


  • The Science of Learning – Jean Donaldson


  • APDT Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers – National Conference
  • Intensive Trainers Workshop – Suzanne Clothier
  • Biology of Emotion in People and Dogs – Patricia McConnell
  • Dogs Playtime and Fighting – Pia Silvani
  • Clicker Training – Sue Ailsby


  • A Peaceable Paws – Pat Miller
  • 3 Day Aggression Seminar – Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • If Dogs Could Speak – Suzanne Clothier
  • Playtime: Win, Lose or Draw – Pia Silvani
  • If Dogs Could Talk – Suzanne Clothier
  • Canine Social Behaviour and Behaviour Dog Problems – Roger Abrantes
  • Aggression – Brenda Aloff


  • Behaviour Problems in Dogs – John Rogerson

2001 – 2005

  • CAPPDT Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers – Conferences, 2005,2004, 2003,2001


  • Dog Smart – Trainer Apprenticeship Program – Level II


  • Instructors Course – Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Calming Signals in Dogs – Turid Rugaas

1990 – 2000

  • Animal Control Officer Dog Handling Course – Custom Canine – 2000
  • Meeting of the Minds – Terry Ryan – 1995
  • How Dogs Learn – Dr. A. Luescher, Dr. D. McKeown, Dr. J. Halip – University of Guelph – 1994
  • Motivational Training – Wendy Volhard – 1993
  • Obedience Training Seminar – Janice DeMello – 1992
  • A Dogs Eye View to Training – Robert Harlow – 1990
  • Canine Behaviour, Aggression and Puppy Training – Dr. Ian Dunbar – 1990


Paw in Hand regularly donates services, products and monetary contributions.
Personally, Maren has been involved with the Sea to Sky Branch for over a decade, volunteering in different aspects and sitting on the council for a number of terms.

Responsible Dog Owners’ Group of Squamish (RDOGS)
Passionate about responsible dog ownership, Maren was a co-founder of RDOGS which was a registered society from 2015 – 2019.
“The purpose of our Society is to advocate and inspire a culture of responsible dog ownership through positive initiatives that benefit the whole community.”