Always up for something…whether it’s a hike in the forest, a dip in the lake or a chill day on the couch…or all three!…dogs are the best!

But you’ve encountered some irregular behaviour in your pup that’s got you feeling concerned. And because you want the best for your canine friend, you’re seeking answers before it gets worse…

Shoes getting eaten regularly?

Having a hard time walking down the street because your dog lunges at everything that walks, pedals or runs by?

No matter how hard you try, he just refuses to come when you call?

Or maybe worse…your sweet girl actually bit someone!

The best thing you can do for your dog is understand how they learn

These behaviours are not fun and can have adverse effects on your daily life. They can even affect your bond with your dog if you’re constantly stressed and frustrated.

Dogs can experience anxiety for all sorts of reasons, and it plays out in behaviours that can be destructive, embarrassing and costly.

The best thing you can do for your dog is understand how they learn and develop a foundation of training and behaviour modification to help them…and you!

We believe in using results-driven training techniques that positively reward your dog

Through the use of positive, no-force training, most behaviours can be addressed and changed. And at Paw In Hand, we take a customized approach to your unique situation to be the most effective for you and your dog.

Because a happy, well-behaved dog is a dog with choices, and the opportunity to show you he can choose correctly!

Having proven strategies to use while out on the trails, or leash walks through town, is the best investment you can make for a rewarding and life-long relationship with your dog. Knowing how to keep him safe will build your confidence — and your dog’s — and allow you to connect with your pup and ensure you are enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.

You don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes every week or feel anxious and embarrassed because your dog is lunging and barking at everything and everyone

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Paw in Hand Puppy Training in Squamish

Oh my, your little ball of fluff is adorable! But how can something so cute simultaneously be a little terror?! Because she is testing her boundaries and has no idea what you want from her…be your new best friend’s advocate and teach her the skills to grow into a well-mannered and properly socialized adult dog.


Paw in Hand Dog Training in Squamish

It’s baffling when your ordinarily well-behaved dog develops a behavioural issue. There are a number of internal and external factors — like a new baby, a big move, a new furry sibling or pain or illness — that can affect behaviour. If you’re struggling to understand and need relief, our dog training is the place to start. It’s also the right option if you’re helping your new rescue transition from shelter life to his new home.

Amy with Bentley
Amy with Bentley

I have a dog who became dog aggressive after being attacked more than once at a young age by other dogs. Knowing nothing about training a dog, I unknowingly made his fear worse. When it got so bad I was ducking around corners to avoid other dogs and hitting the trails when I knew NO ONE would be around, I sought out a trainer. I tried several dog trainers in town who’s methods didn’t sit right with me. They used fear-based techniques and encouraged me to dominate my dog. I never felt good about it — pinning a dog, cracking it’s collar and poking it in the side just don’t work. It wasn’t until I met Maren and consistently used her techniques that I experienced real and lasting change. It’s still not perfect, but my dog has made many doggie friends and I don’t run and hide when I see other dogs and their owners. I know what my dog’s triggers are and Maren taught me to set both of us up for success and we’re both much happier for it!

Lois with Finlay

Finn and I just finished 5 puppy classes with Maren and also 2 home sessions…always very helpful and have worked with Maren since 1997 with our first Leonberger Dakota and our second Maggie. Trust her completely and she is a knowledgable, kind and helpful 100% animal person who truly understands positive reward training and understands how animals think and why they behave certain ways. Personally, I have found that I am learning along with each dog that we have the pleasure of having in our family…. that we work together as a team. We have so much to learn from them as well, but it is important to be a good leader, a positive loving, firm but kind partner with our dogs. I will continue to work with Maren when I need a review session or help with some training or general advice.

Aliesha, Andrew and Marwin with Wedge

Maren is the only trainer in Squamish that I trust to work with my dog. I have a very energetic, but sensitive Labrador. He needed a method that was tailored to his personality. Someone who had a gentle, clear approach with positive methods. Maren worked with us when we adopted Wedge two years ago, and again after our tiny human was born to help him adjust to his new living companion. He still has his impulsive moments, but we have seen massive improvement in him since his training. I have even been told by family that they have noticed a difference in his behaviour since working with Maren. I recommend her to everybody.