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Catered to your lifestyle

Dog Training, Adventure & Care

Training & Behaviour Help

Dog Training & Classes

Our dog training classes and private training programs are designed for real-life results. And our positive training methods mean you can feel good about getting them. Whether you’re after basic manners or relief from a serious behavioural issue, we can help. Busy? We can even do the training for you.

Puppy Raising Assistance

Puppy Training & Classes

Bundle of joy got you tearing your hair out? Or just want to make sure she turns into the dog of your dreams? It’s time for puppy class! No time to train? No worries - enroll your puppy in Puppy Home School and our certified dog trainer will get her off on the right paw for you.

Babies, Kids & Dog Safety

Before Baby & Beyond

Strollers, rockers, and diapers, oh my! Get your dog ready for the big changes on the way, or smooth out trouble spots if baby is already here. Concerned about child and dog interactions? We help kids and dogs find safe, harmonious ways to coexist, and help parents breathe a little easier.

Daily Dog Care

Group Hikes

Too busy to walk the dog? Send him out for group hikes under the watchful eye of a certified dog trainer. The best part? Coming home to a calm, well-behaved, well-exercised dog. 

Meet Maren

Down to earth. That pretty much describes Paw in Hand owner Maren Bruun. Genuine does the trick, too. Maren believes in what she calls "authentic solutions" - results-oriented training, walking and and boarding services catered to the busy and diverse lives her clients lead.

Read a personal message from Maren and get to know her a bit better.





Dog Paw Blog

  • What's In A Leash?


    You’re grabbing the leash to take your beloved pup out for another relaxing morning walk around the ‘hood...

    But your vision of a blissful walk with your canine trotting beside you with a loose leash is shattered once again. Instead, your reality is pull, tug, wrestle, wrangle, frustration, frustration, frustration...stress.

    Unfortunately, the solution for many dog owners is to tolerate the pulling as long as it takes until they arrive at the trailhead or dog park and can release the leash...dog can explode and human can massage shoulder.

    There is a better way!!


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    • 3 Steps to Puppy Training

      It’s no secret puppies are adorable. They are soft, cuddly and their clumsy play is just too much cuteness! On the flip side, they’re a LOT of work and can be exhausting. They require consistent guidance and constant monitoring.

      Puppies are also extremely impressionable, which means their exposure to the external environment in the early months is crucial. It’s important to have a plan to limit your puppy’s exposure to things that distract from learning good behaviour and/or things that may scare him.

      Step by step plans are great in theory, however, puppies typically have their own agenda, so the plan needs to be fluid with some serious flexibility.


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      • Practice Makes Perfect!

        When people get a dog, they envision a well-mannered companion with whom they can share their life. Many acknowledge and see value in using positive reinforcement training rather than harsh discipline, but then don’t know how to react when their dog misbehaves. They don’t want to correct their dog and  think ignoring bad behaviour is the only alternative.

        Dogs learn new behaviours best when they are only rewarded for correct choices and wrong choices are ignored - corrections hinder the learning process.

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        • Sink or Swim

          If you push a puppy into deep water there’s a 50% chance they would naturally start swimming, but even if they did end up swimming and were okay, there’s a good chance they will avoid the situation again in the future. They may fear going on the dock with you again if they were unsure of your intentions. Or worse, they may end up associating the traumatic event to a completely different stimulus that they noticed such as a child’s floaty toy or a sun hat.


          Puppies are very sensitive and impressionable – a puppy pushed into water may end up learning to like swimming, but it may not be worth taking that risk.

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          • Help! Puppy zoomie hour!

            So many new puppy owners are taken by surprise when their little bundle of fur becomes what seems like a different species - Tasmanian devil mix? - for a short period at the same every evening (and sometimes in the morning too).

            It's been labelled as zoomie hour, witching hour, acid hour, and other #%$%$ names..... Luckily it usually doesn't even last close to an hour. Luckily you can almost set your watch by it too which means that you can somewhat plan ahead for it.

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